Turning, milling, welding and assembly

Located in the southern part of Holland, MFH has a long history. For over 35 years it has been active in the continuously changing market of machining. All necessary disciplines are available: grinding, welding, milling, turning and honing are everyday activities. But the difference at MFH is the available craftmanship. Every business that depends on suppliers is aware of the great importance of quality and delivery reliability. It is precisely these core competences that have given Machinefabriek Heerlen its outstanding reputation. Due to it’s good name and quality driven production, MFH was able to hire the best craftsmen. This means we have the knowledge and professionalism to carry out demanding projects. Our dedicated way of working combined with our experience makes the difference

Quality Focus

All our efforts are based on our drive to deliver a true quality product. This way of working is secured by quality certification (3.2). It guarantees maximum certainty for the client and for us the opportunity to demonstrate
our craftmanship. Besides assembly jobs, we have the facilities to test our products and projects thoroughly. This means we are also able to conduct jobs that include pressure tests, blue fitting and LPI (crack testing).


Machinefabriek Heerlen is specialized in the (sub)assembly of complete products. Either with provided parts or parts made on our own machinery: we have the expertise to efficiently execute those operations. Besides our machine park we have the advantage of true craftmanship. All our staff members are inventive, experienced and commited to get the job done in the best possible way. Quality is what it is all about at MFH. When we’re done, we do a functional test so we’re sure the product functions as agreed with the client. If desired the product can be approved with a quality certificate and complete product documentary


Eye for detail

Loyal to its roots, Machinefabriek Heerlen still has an eye for detail. In its tradition to deliver quality, the details make the difference. Our craftsmen are practically orientated. They know what it takes to make the best of a product and suggest changes if it contributes to a better result. They gain pride in certified products and assemblies. It is a true reflection of commitment to our work.

Machinefabriek Heerlen has been around for a while. Founded more than 35 years ago, we have a strong commitment to deliver quality through craftmanship. Our machinepark is up-to-date and is operated by true ironworkers that put pride in their work.